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Q: I am concerned that my son's speech is not coming along as it should. After reading the book, I am pretty sure he has some language issues. When I raise my concerns with the pediatrician, she tells me that he will grow out of it and that boys develop their verbal skills more slowly than girls. What can I do?

A: This is a question I get asked quite a bit. Unfortunately, there are still many well-meaning pediatricians that believe most speech and language challenges are part of growing up and that intervention is not needed. In this instance, you are being called to be a strong and savvy advocate for your son. If you felt he had a physical problem with his foot, for example, you would advocate and question until you were referred to a specialist, so that your concerns could be addressed. It is the same in this situation. First, be prepared. Take a look at the developmental norms for the area you are concerned about. In your case, look to see what kids your son's age SHOULD be able to do. Make a list of the skills that seem to be difficult, and think too about how these deficits are DIRECTLY impacting his daily life. (Not being able to put words together makes him seem much younger; he gets frustrated because we don't know what he wants; peer relationships are challenging are some examples.) Then, prepare to speak to your physician, or the nurse/nurse practitioner. Express your concerns clearly, and then provide the data that you have collected. Be clear about what you are asking for- a referral to a speech language pathologist who can more completely evaluate your child's strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for intervention if needed. What is most important is that you know that you can advocate for your son, and that you have a right to have your concerns addressed. Good luck and let me know if there other questions. 





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