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Praise for the Book

A Guide For Parents

“Suzanne’s fine-tuned clinical skills in conjunction with her
deep love of her patients and their families are evident in this
book. While thorough and informative, this book reads as a
candid dialogue between a compassionate practitioner and
parents seeking guidance in navigating the world of speech
and language acquisition. …An all-encompassing reference
guide for parents.”
— Sharla Marcotte, MS, CCC-SLP, Beth-Israel
Deaconess Hospital at Plymouth

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Featured Preview:
Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Journey 

Communication is one of life’s most fundamental joys, yet one often taken for granted until it is lost or fails to develop. Yet for millions of children each year, the skills that encompass communication stall or do not emerge at all. Even a mild disorder or temporary interruption in development can have long-term effects and results in serious and far-reaching deficits that touch every aspect of a child’s life. Each year, millions of children and their families join the ranks of those who are navigating a life they never expected, and frequently feel they are unable to take on. With a warm and compassionate approach, Suzanne Ducharme provides parents with comprehensive information about speech and language development and the intervention process, but also delves deeply into the fears, concerns, and questions that every parent faces when something goes wrong.

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Watch previews of other chapters here:


            Chapter 2: alphabet soup                                   Chapter 6: language disorders

            Chapter 3: communication development       Chapter 7: parent experience

            Chapter 4: the assessment process                  Chapter 8: finding the new normal

            Chapter 5: speech sound disorders                  Chapter 9: bringing it all together

 Chapter 10: lessons I have learned

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